Top tips to keep your residential construction project running on time

Missing the completion deadline can be difficult if you have very little time left to move into your new house. Since a lot of people have a limited number of days to complete their residential construction, it’s imperative to keep things running on schedule, so you get to reach the endpoint in a timely manner.

And while so many people do their best to chase these deadlines, an assortment of variables, including – weather conditions, intervals to purchase new material, equipment issues and others can cause an unnecessary delay in the process.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your residential construction project running on time:

Keep project documents handy:
If you have chosen contractors to complete this task, you may have hired different teams for each category. In such a situation, keeping up with all of them at the same time can be difficult. To curb this problem, begin your task by documenting each task with all its details. You must have information on contractors and their daily tasks handy so you can supervise things easily and can monitor key improvement areas when the need be.

Induce transparency and easy communication:
Getting a residential construction project to start and finish can leave you exhausted on a lot of levels. Since it involves a lot of work, you may have to jump into their work hours to see their work progress and address any doubts that the team may have. When working on this particular area, make sure you provide complete transparency so the teams can understand your thoughts and vision to get you what you have envisaged. Apart from that, enabling streamlined communication will also incorporate bonds among all the teams so everybody can discuss and sort their issues whenever a problem arises at the site.

Do you find it difficult to supervise a residential construction project? Do not worry when we are here. Call us today to leave everything on our shoulders. No matter what you want to get done, we will manage each and every category of this project ourself.

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Circumvent these common mistakes while choosing an exterior paint

Painting your own property may seem like an exciting idea, especially when you only plan to do a trim here with some there. Since this sounds like there isn’t much to it, most people do not consider taking any help or assistance to perform it. However, if you are planning to take on an exterior painting task, you must know there will be various pitfalls to it. Since such tasks always bring in numerous encounters, getting some expert to help you make a wise choice in terms of what to paint, how to paint and which paints to select for your requirement will take you a long way.

In this article, we will look at some common mistakes people often make while choosing the right exterior paint for your property:

Climate consideration:
One of the main aspects to factor in while choosing the right paint for your property’s exterior is the weather. Since where your life has a lot to do with how the climate of your area is, you will need to make sure that your selection is based entirely on the kind of weather condition your house has to experience. Every paint type has its own properties and while some have more substances to deal with scorching heat, others may have great ability to save your exterior from heavy rainfalls. Hence, make sure you consider all the crucial factors while making the right purchase for the success of your task.

Paint samples:
Printed samples always make for good methods to grab an idea about the color appearance. However, you cannot completely depend on this factor to help you pick a color. Since these always look different when seen in reality, you must never use printed samples to choose your exterior paints. If you are not able to find the material sample then buy a little amount of the paint you require to understand its shade and texture in detail.

Does the exterior painting look like a hassle to you? Leave it to us to get professional results. Get in touch with us to join hands with the right team.

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How are handyman services ideal for the protection of your biggest investment?

Homeowners well understand the effort and money it takes to maintain houses. Since properties need to be kept well from both inside and outside, they keep owners occupied with plenty of tasks almost every day. It’s an unpleasant feeling to fix one repair and have another demanding your attention right away.

This is exactly where handyman services come into the picture. Since they help you get things working in their original order. Not only do they aid you with regular maintenance but they also add value to your biggest investment, your house.

If you are not able to make out time to protect your house and keep it looking healthy and fresh in long run, here’s how handymen experts can help you retain your calm:

Economical professionals for consistent house maintenance:
You may be in a position where you cannot contribute any time to repair and fix issues at home. This could be due to your children demanding your attention or extra work coming in at the workplace. With handyman staff, you do not have to worry about these. Since they take up all your work and offer you fewer services at a much affordable package than any other full-time or part-time helper, getting their help for a few hours helps you get plenty of things done in easy money.

Up-to-date house appearance:
There’s nothing worse than having your house look shabby and unclean at all times. With one wall look worn out to kitchen taps leaking all the time, living in such a place can be a mess. This does not only degrade the appearance of your property but also its value in the long run. If you wish to save yourself from these major annoyances, then getting a handyman service to help you out with regular repair work is all you need.

Save your energy from draining out completely! Use handyman services to get every nook of your house inspected for repairs and other problems. Whether it’s your leaky faucet that demands instant help or the kitchen sink with a slow drip, we can provide you help with almost anything. Call us today!

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Questions to ask yourself while hiring a tile repair expert

Getting your tile repaired is an integral part of your household chores. Since it does not only give your house a maintained appearance but also aids in keeping you safe and protected while walking, it’s imperative that you jump into fixing your tiles whenever they need repairing.

There are a few questions that you must raise to yourself while getting in touch with a handyman for repairing services. These will not just help you make the correct decision but also put you on the right course of action:

How damaged is the tile?
Minor dents can be easy to repair and do not require too much investment. However, if there’s too much that has happened for example the tile has broken into parts or has some issues at the edge, then you might have to replace it with a new one. In most cases, you can swap them with a tile that you must have stored as extra while the original flooring was laid. One thing you mandatorily need to keep in mind is the type of the tile – since they are plenty in variety, you need to check which one you are using and what is its particular process to repair.

What is my budget?
Most of the tiles can take you a long way with minor repairs on a regular basis. If you are running on a tight budget and don’t have much to spend on your tile, but it’s causing you trouble by demanding repairs in the middle of the month, go with calling a repair expert who can give you some solutions to keep it going for a while.

Do you often think about going for a home renovation? Begin with changing or repairing your tiles. Get in touch with us to get expert help for everything that you feel is missing or incomplete in your house. Call today!

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Want to get fence repairing done in Sydney? Tips on how to select the right company

A homeowner who understands the importance of fence repairing understands the value of his house. Since such activities reflect who you are as a person and how much you wish to contribute to the society and the community you are staying in, it does not always get smooth and easy for them to sell homes but also make new ones when they need arises.

A fence has a unique and critical role to play in one’s property – not only do they aid in making your home appear better but also take care of privacy and security at all times. Building this part of the house, therefore, turns out to be quite crucial and helpful in both the short and long run.

If you are a new house owner or its time you switch your old fence, then these are a few tips you must keep in mind while looking for a professional, adept and trustworthy company:

1- Experience is something that you should never overlook, no matter what. Since quality stems from a company’s experience, go with someone who understands what you require and merge it with the market trends to give you what would suit them best in your space.

2- Today, plenty of companies in the marketplace will be ready to give you a fence in half the amount you would get in other expensive shops. And while this might seem very luring to you, make sure you do not sacrifice the quality and appearance as such fences tend to wear out in less than half the time you would be able to use them for in other cases. Hence, be very cautious with your search expedition, keep away the marketing language and go for what actually feels genuine to your gut and eyes.

Do you want someone to take over the entire fence installation task for you? Let us know what you need and when so we can take this stress off your shoulder. Call us today or simply drop an email.

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Residential construction: What to look for in a professional company?

There are plenty of things you need to take into consideration while trying and planning on building a house. Whether this is your first property or your third, the pressure to build a new house is always lingering on the shoulder of the owners who have to put in a lot of money to get their desired outcome.

And while most of the results depend upon what your budget is, a primary factor is also the company you choose to help you build it from base to head.

Here are a few things you should always keep in mind while looking for a professional and expert residential construction building for better appearance-based outcomes, quality of work and durability of things:

1- Choice of materials:
One of the first things you should look into is the suggestions the company makes. Since the usage of materials is the first important aspect of home building, you need to look deeply into the brand of these and their quality. Always jot down these points on a piece of paper when you speak to yourself about it, so you have time to read about it on the internet and learn about their reviews. Always remember that the company that offers you more in less is the one you should go for. Since these companies get things at cheaper rates than what you get in the market, their aim should be of giving you the best in your budget not less so they can mint money with their margins.

2- Team members:
A good company will not just help you with the material ideas but also help you connect with some experts, including architects, interior designers and window treatment companies. Since they understand what it feels like to build a house, they will make sure your dream is equally theirs. The best company will also put in their best effort to get you what you need. Any
company that asks you to look somewhere else, argues and does not show you products and other help that match your requirement is meant to let go.

Connect with us to get assistance today!

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Smart lock installation: Protect your home with modern technology

Smart locks are one of the must-have things for every house owner given their price point and efficient working system. Smart locks help you close your doors and deadbolt them while giving you the authority to check on them and operate other functionalities with only a button. Protecting your properties and families with this advanced technology has made things
excessively easy and convenient for people, today. No matter whether you are away for work or out on a vacation, having your house locked with a smart lock will keep you relaxed throughout the duration you’re away.

Here’s what you need to know about smart locks to understand the concept and the associated benefits:

1- Enable control through a smartphone:
The best feature of smart lacks is that these can be monitor and controlled via smartphones. No matter where you go and for how long you’re away, having the app installed on your phone and smart lock at your property will keep you in sync with what’s happening at your place. Through this option, you can confirm whether or not your house is locked. Additional feature such as Bluetooth connectivity is also available in some of the smart lock variations.

2- Hassle-free installation:
Smart locks can be used in both ways – by attaching them with your existing security system or a new one. A lot of people resist getting these things done for the fear of the amount they would have to take out for their installation. This however is only a myth. A smart lock is a product of the smart world we live in today and it barely takes 10-30 minutes to get installed and begin

Have you been reading and listening a lot about smart locks? Get one for your property too. Call us today to enquire.

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How to choose an adept interior painting team for your home renovation project?

Finding interior painters can be a troublesome and daunting task. Since this is a time-consuming job and requires a lot of attention and effort, making sure you put in your best is essential to get the desired outcomes.

There are plenty of methods you can utilize to hire the best interior painters for your property. Whether it’s your residence or commercial space, having someone to direct you to the right team will help you get your work professionally done. Here’s what you can do to connect with an adept interior painting team for your home renovation project:

1- Perform online research:
Using the web to look for a painting team is the most standard technique for looking. Since the internet is a hub for options, you can always compare one company with another for better results. For this, you will need to create pointers pertaining to their quality of work, range of services, package rates, and reviews on social media. Always have a handful of options ready before you begin to compare to streamline your task for a quick and healthy outcome.

2- Word of mouth:
One of the easiest ways to find the right team of painters is through your family and friends. Since home renovation is a common project which families keep taking up time and again, you will find plenty of suggestions from your families and friends. Their experience and word of mouth regarding each team will help you properly ascertain which team to go for with in-depth information of their pros and cons. Once you have some recommendations from them, do not forget to do your own research at home to be able to look at it from your own perspective.

Are you looking for a professional company to help you out with home renovation? Connect with us to get the best team of painters. Call today to book and enquire.

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Tools for building the impossible

We actually construct what our head understood about what our eyes say and your heart desired. Remodeling your home is never easy, you have got to get through the hard part first of waiting, and having your normal routine interrupted.  But we make the renovation smooth; this is how we do it:

  1. You can live in the house: in most of the cases the owners can still lives in the house. Exceptions would be major renovations. We try our best reduce our presence in your house, always doing our utmost to make you comfortable in the noise and clutter.
  2. Scope of the project: we provide you with the vision of space which is crucial. This will include layout, designs and material. It wills us and you to stay on track and decide the budget.
  3. Expert opinion: we provide you with the best opinions on the how to handle logical aspects and expert designers that can be very helpful in long way.

So why do we actually need home renovations? Here are some benefits of house renovation:

  1. Increase comfortability: after working hard for whole day we long for comfort of our house and when home is new high chances are home still feels comfortable.
  2. Increase home value: if you are planning to sell your home, you must renovate your home to increase its value which may include changing doors and design your bathroom kitchen and living room.
  3. For safety: Ignoring renovation tasks  such as leaks from the roof, electrical problems or a crack in undesired place can be dangerous. These safety jobs must not be ignored so as the family can be safe and avoid the home from being destroyed.

So what are you waiting for? We have got you covered with our services and not only for renovation but many other services. Our other services include:

  1. General maintenance services: maintaining your home would save you from spending huge amount of dollars in the future. The objective of maintaining is not just to maintain but to feel happiness living within that environment.
  2. Professional handyman services: Anvy Building Pty Ltd can take of both interior and exterior chores. Nothing is impossible with a right attitude and a hammer.
  3. Interior and exterior painting: our expertise team will enhance both interior and exterior of your house with the perfect strokes of paint brush. Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.
  4. Professional carpentry services: why settle for less when we can provide you with Sydney’s best carpenters. Never underestimate a man who is a carpenter and too experienced.
  5. Professional plastering repairs: temperature fluctuations can cause crack in your plaster; we provide high-quality finishes and have an established track record of excellent customer service. All you need to build a house is blood, bricks and plaster and off course us.

Contact us today! We ensure you to provide you with best carpentry and tiling services with over 25 years of experience.

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Why Home Maintenance Is Important

Owning a home requires a lot more responsibility than renting. If something breaks down, there’s no landlord to come and fix the problem; it’s in the owner’s hands. That means the responsibility of keeping a home clean and maintained is up to the homeowners. Your realtor, mortgage lender and everyone on the Internet has told you how important it is to keep your home maintained, as well as thousands of ways to do it. But why is it so important? 

As a home maintenance and repair company, Our main purpose is to help homeowners who have systems and appliances that fail from old age and normal wear and tear. 

Home Maintenance Saves you Money, Home Maintenance Keeps Your Home Running Efficiently

The worst part of maintenance is that it’s just that: maintenance. It requires completing a task over and over again, and often, to provide upkeep for your home’s working parts. It’s just like sweeping the kitchen floor; you have to keep sweeping it every week or so to keep it clean.
 If you didn’t, imagine the state of the floor! Now think about how often you clean our your dishwasher’s filter or unclog your bathroom drain probably not as often as you sweep the floor, correct? Yet you probably use them almost as often as you use the floor.

Just like you have to continue to sweep your floor to keep it usable and clean, you have to clean and maintain the other parts of your home to keep them usable. If you don’t, you will end up having your home run less efficiently. If you don’t clean the furnace filter, you’ll be paying for more gas or electricity as your HVAC system works hard to cool or heat air in your home. 

If you don’t clean the evaporator coils under your fridge, it has a harder time keeping your food cool, and uses more energy to do so. When you maintain your home, you keep it running efficiently, which also saves you money with lower utility bills.

Home Maintenance Increases your Home’s Value

When you drive a new car off of the lot, it immediately drops in value. The resale value decreases the longer you drive the car and the older it becomes. This principle doesn’t work the same for a home. In fact, the longer you own a home, the more you could increase its worth. Of course, home values have to do with the market and not solely what you do to the house, but you can still have a direct effect on your home’s value by maintaining your house.

How does this work? If you decided to put your home up for sale tomorrow, and you hadn’t maintained any of your systems and appliances, you would find that the home inspection report would probably show that your home had a lot of problems or potential problems. 

Buyers would either want a discounted rate depending on the issues that your home may have, or ask you to replace or repair systems that may give them trouble in the future. Either way, you won’t be getting as much money out of the sale of the home as it could potentially be worth.

For more information on home maintenance and how you can benefit from them, go to our home page at

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